Behind the scenes – Creating our Signs

I have been a busy bee this weekend, getting all the orders for Christmas Signs finished. Over the last couple of weeks a few of you have asked how we make our signs, so I thought I would give you a quick behind the scenes peek at how we make all your signs.
We start with the wooden base, when we started off making little signs, we used all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and I really loved all the mis matched signs but that’s me just being messy!
We have now settled on a large and small size (although because we make them in house, we can still make any size we like)
After the woodworking department (AKA Dad) has finished, we paint each sign in our own Chalk Paint recipe, again we have tried off the shelf paints, but our own recipe Chalk Paint gives just the right finish that I am looking for, nice and matt, it looks thick and creamy and you can see the brush strokes that I think gives it a real handmade finish, no rollers or spray painting for us thank you very much.
After we have the blanks prepared in the finished colour we start the fun bit!!
Now I wish I could paint hand letters by eye and they end up a uniform font, same thickness and in a straight line, but unfortunately I can’t so I create a layout and outline in pencil, this makes sure that the finished sign has all the letters in the right place.
The roses, holly and scroll detail that you see, and any other decoration or drawings I design and hand paint, for some reason my eyes can paint these, but straight letters cannot be guaranteed without my pencil lettering.


christmas sign close up

I take my time during this stage, as rushing will only end up with me starting all over again which just frustrates me and I end up drinking too much Coffee or alcohol (depending on the time of day)
The final stage, is to finish with the chosen colours, I have my standard designs such as the family range, Quote range that has the same font and decoration so these don’t really alter. If I am making a personalised sign then it really is up to the customer and I follow their lead and choices.
When I have finished the hand lettering and decoration, I leave the sign to dry, ideally I will leave this 24 hours to make sure nothing is going to move. 24 hours later I finish with a protective coating, attach a hanger and they are ready to go.



All in all a personalised Christmas Sign takes around three hours to complete not taking into account drying time.
I have to say though, there is nothing better than starting the day with a bunch of blank signs and looking at them at the end of the day and there are lots of lovely messages that will be hanging in people’s homes over the festive period and beyond.

Till Next Time



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