Black, white and Pastel – will it work

One of the big home interior trends at the moment is black. Now traditionally I wouldn’t decorate with black, it’s just not a colour that appeals to me for my home. I am in love with the pastel colour scheme at the moment. I just love the fact that a pastel colour scheme can be fun and lively and at the same time calm and comforting and be used throughout the whole house.

Never one to shy from a challenge I got my thinking cap on about how I would incorporate black into my ideal home interior.

pastel andblack inspiration

Now there are some gorgeous wallpapers around at the minute, with black and white again being a big theme which is perfect to create a feature wall that will compliment my pastel scheme.

Here are a few of the papers that I am loving at the minute.



1. Arthouse Denise Wallpaper from B&Q £16.98 per roll 2. Arthouse Vintage Fleurette Wallpaper B&Q £17.98 per roll  3. Designers Guild Kasuri Wallpaper £50.00 per roll

Now all I need to do is give my living room a quick revamp, I will post the pictures soon.


Till next time



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