Halloween Freebies !

Preparations for Halloween 2013 are well underway Ivy Cottage HQ. We have found our costumes, decorated with our cute little signs. I love seeing all the little ones dressed up for trick a treating!
I also have a Halloween freebie for you, some  little cupcake toppers for you to decorate your halloween cupcakes.

trickortreatcloseuplowresThey are really easy to make and will make your Halloween party a little bit spooky. All you need to do is print each page on any colour inkjet or laser printer (if using laser just make sure you have the correct paper, it tends to band on inkjet printer)
Talking of paper, I used glossy photo paper that I picked up from staples, it was about £7 for 100 sheets, but I have also printed these on Bright White Card from ASDA which cost £1 for ten sheets.
The other thing I would check to make sure you get best results is set your printer to high quality print or photo print if you have that option available. These settings can usually be accessed via the printing preferences option in your printer settings.
When you have printed all your party ware out, you need to get handy with the scissors, this bit is the most time consuming, and having a good sharp pair of scissors is essential, it is so frustrating using the all-purpose kitchen scissors (I know, I have tried!)
Take your time cutting out, taking your time now will make sure that you get the best results.
So putting them all together
Cupcake Toppers – Glue (I use PVA, craft or school glue) two toppers together with a cocktail stick placed centrally and leave to dry. When dry you can pop directly into a cupcake.

Download your cupcake toppers here

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I would love to see how you use them at your party, so feel free to upload you pics here or on our Facebook page.

Happy Halloween

Till Next Time


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