Love that look – Shabby Chic Bedroom

I love comfy cosy bedrooms that almost induce you to sleep, and I just love the shabby chic look. Calming colours, sumptuous wall paper, layers upon layers of bed linen, cushions and throws.


bedroom inspiration


The focal point for me is always the bed, embellished French style, primitive wood painted in white or cream or traditional metal bed frames that add a more vintage feel to the room. Get the bed right and with a few finishing touches you will be well on your way to a cosy bedroom.

Here are a few of our favourite bedframes for the shabby chic look.

shabby chic bedrames


1. Painted Bed frame from Woodpecker Interiors £624.00  2. French Chateau Bed Frame from £973.00 3. Alice White Metal Bed Frame from Frances Hunt Furniture £346.35

Let me know what else you think a a must have for a shabby chic bedroom.

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