Raising cake to new heights

In our family we have always had a bit of a doo when it comes to birthdays. Come rain or shine on the big day we have pressies, decorations, banners and always a cake! Growing up each of our birthdays would be marked with a picture of the cake (always made my mum, who can bake a mean cake)

Usually our cakes were placed on the standard foil covered boards, or more recently on some beautiful ceramic cake stands.

Back in August last year I wanted something a bit different for my husband’s 40th Birthday. We were going for a rustic barn theme and I wanted a really rustic white washed plinth to raise the cake above the rest of the food, so I got thinking and soon had a rough idea ready for the woodworking department (Dad!)

On the big day, the two tier cake stood proud above the buffet and tied our room decorations into the Buffett as well.

It worked a treat and this got me thinking that it would be lovely if you could paint them and decorate the plinths with a theme or colour scheme to match the special day. What would be even better would be to personalise the plinth with the special person’s name so that it becomes a sort of heirloom that can make an appearance year after year.

So here are a few designs that will be on the website later on this week, and we will be adding new designs for weddings and Christenings later on next week too.


Till Next Time


Hand Painted Cake StandHappy Birthday Cake StandCake Stand detailpersonalised cake standHand Painted Cake Plinth

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